Com Ricardo Mariano

Alinhamento da última emissão:

Sigur Rós - "Andvari"
Oláfur Arnalds - "Himininn Er Ad Hrynja, En Stjörnurnar Fara Pér Vel"
Laura Veirs - "When Your Give Your Heart"
Loney, Dear - "I Love You (In With The Arms)"
Chris Garneau - "The Leaving Song"
Clogs - "Lantern"
Martin Grech - "Ashes Over Embers"
Idaho - "Levitate"Haze - "A Song To Dance In Pairs"
Boduf Songs - "Mission Creep"
Colleen - "I'll Read You A Story"
Lonely Drifter Karen - "Cassablanca"

Lhasa - "Where Do You Go?"
Jesse Sykes & The Sweet Hereafter - "Aftermath"
Vic Chesnutt - "What Do You Mean?"
Pascal Babare - "Lumberjacks Burn Green Wood"
Mason Jennings - "How Deep Is That River?"
Jeremy Sessa - "Winged And Dangerous"
Jen Cloher And The Endless Sea - "Time Among The Pines"
Matryoshka - "My Funeral Rehearsal (Remixed By Goldmund)"
Motohiro Nakashima - "A Few Minutes Before The Dawn"
Callers - "Rone"
Deaf Center - "White Lake"
Agnes Kain - "Into The Night Flying"
Bill Callahan - "Night"
Bon Iver - "Re-Stacks"

De Domingo para Segunda 00.00-02.00
Repete de Quarta para Quinta 23.00-01.00

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