Com Ricardo Mariano
Alinhamento da última emissão:

July Skies - "Afternoon Pips (Piano Version)"
Perfume Genius - "Normal Song"
Memoryhouse - "Lately (Deuxiéme)"
Shoeb Ahmed - "The Orchids"
Catgut - "The Drive"
Daughn Gibson - "A Young Girl's World"
David Sylvian - "Darkest Dreaming"
Jan Bang & Erik Honore - "The God Of Gradual Abdication"
Kyle Bobby Dunn - "Dropping Sandwiches In Chester Lake"
Mad About Mountains - "Farewell Brothers"
Low - "Coattails"
Liz Durret - "Vine"
Glacis - "Autumn/Winter"
The Good Ship - "The Hunter"

Mark Kozelek - "Mistress"

Andrew Bird - "Orpheo"
Library Tapes - "Variation II"
July Skies - "The Weather Clock"
Lotte Kestner - "Your Protector (Fleet Foxes Cover)"
J. Tillman - "Vessels"
Ember Shrag - "Sutherland"
Erica Buettner - "Time Traveling"
Fern Knight - "Magpie Suite Part II"
Saskia - "One Day"
Hanne Hukkelberg - "Erik"
Tomoyoshi Date - "A Street Corner Of OIA"
Antony & The Johnsons - "The Lake"  

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Repete de Quarta para Quinta 23.00-01.00