Com Ricardo Mariano 
Alinhamento da última emissão:

Yo La Tengo - "Tears Are In Your Eyes"
Love Migrate - "Plagued Are All My Thoughts"
Marco Mahler - "James Alley Blues"
Grate Lake Swimmers - "Moving Pictures Silent Films"
Samuel Úria - "Barbarella e Barba Rala"
Nick Drake - "Place To Be"
Alexi Murdoch - "Slow Revolution"
Rivulets - "Sheep Among Wolves"
Will Stratton - "You Divers"
Steve Von Till - "We All Fall"
Mark Hollis- "Inside Looking Out"
Vincent Delerm - "Ambroise Paré"

Keren Ann - "Strange Weather"

This Mortal Coil - "Fond Affections"
Auburn Lull - "Light Through The Canopy"
Philip Glass & Peter Broderick - "Island Empire"
Silent Portraits With Stefkovic Van Interesse - "No Eyes"
Oupa - "Windows"
Silent Portraits - "Stranger To You"
Chelsea Wolve - "Boyfriend"
Aoba Ichiko - "Haiiro No Nichi"
The Bony King Of Nowhere - "Travelling Man"
Rob St. John - "The Acid Test"
Christoph Berg - "Poems Written By An Old (Prepared Piano)"
Keaton Henson - "You Don't Know How Lucky You Are"

De Domingo para Segunda 00.00-02.00
Repete de Quarta para Quinta 23.00-01.00