Com Ricardo Mariano 
Alinhamento da última emissão: 

Max Richter - "Winter 2"
17F - "Asshole"
Cat's Eyes - "I Knew It Was Over"
Paul Buchanan - "My True Country"
Motohiko Hirami - "Fell"
Motohiko Hirami - "Stars & Cross"
Bat For Lashes - "Laura"
Xiu Xiu - "The Oldness"
Liam Singer - "Cross Bones Style"
Cat Power - "Cross Bones Style"
Grizzly Bear - "The Hunt"
Matthew Riley - "There's A Way"
Love Migrate - "Plagued Are All My Thoughts"
Jason Lytle - "Somewhere There's A Someone"
Sleep Party Peolpe - "Heaven Is Above Us"
Lotte Kestner - "It'll Never Happen Again"

Foreign Fields - "Perfect Home"
Will Samson - "Music For Autumn"
Will Samson - "Storms Above The Submarine"
Jay-Jay Johanson - "Out Of Focus"
Nuojova - "Huominem"
Mirroring - "Fell Sound"
Max Richter - "Autumn 2"
Sun Kil Moon - "Black Kite"
Laura Gibson - "The Longest Day"
Andy Shauf - "My Dear Helen"
Sylvain Chauveau - "Within The Orderly Life"
American Music Club - "The Sleeping Beauty"  

De Domingo para Segunda 00.00-02.00
Repete de Quarta para Quinta 23.00-01.00