Com Ricardo Mariano
Alinhamento da última emissão:

Low - "Words"
Mount Eerie With Julie Doiron And Fred Squire - "You Swan Go On"
Julie Doiron - "Will You Still Love Me In December?"
Minta & The Brook Trout - "From The Ground"
Yo La Tengo - "Cornelia And Jane"
Foxes In Fiction - "Snow Angels"
Naph + Chhei Hatakeyama - "Hydrangea"
Rachel Zeffira - "Star"
Thomas Feiner & Anywhen - "The Siren Songs"
Johnny Parry Chamber Orchestra - "Rebuild It Piece By Piece"
Tiny Leaves - "Hope Awakening"
Damien Jurado - "What Were The Chances"
Castanets - "And The Swimming"

Mark Eitzel - "I Love You But Yo're Dead"
R.S.* / T.H.* - "It Will Never Dubben Again"
D_rradio - "Age Of Stars"
Four Visions - "Tell Me Something"
Bosque Brown - "White Dove"
Dirty Three - "Ashen Snow"
Sufjan Stevens - "Borderline"
Andrew Bird - "Orpheu"
Willy Mason - "Carry On"
The Caretaker - "When The Days Were Drawing To An End"
Gillian Welch - "Revelator"
Bernardo Sassetti - "Do Silêncio Revelação"
Meg Baird - "Do What You Gotta Do"

De Domingo para Segunda 00.00-02.00
Repete de Quarta para Quinta 23.00-01.00